welcome to  Pine Hill
   German Shepherd Dogs
Signer and past
National Chairperson
of the German Shepherd Dog Club of
America's Breeder's Code Of Ethics

German Shepherd Dog Club of America
Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club

Located in Southeastern PA
About Pine Hill....

In late March '04,
Pine Hill German Shepherd Dogs moved from a
suburb of Valley Forge to the scenic rolling
countryside of Berks County PA.
The dogs are delighted with their
large playground!

At Pine Hill emphasis is placed on the development,
promotion and enjoyment of a dog, sound of mind
and body, that is a pleasure to live with.

The dogs are, first and foremost, much
loved house dogs and companion animals,
who can be found doing a little job in either the
conformation or performance
rings most weekends.

I hope you enjoy your visit,  and return often
to follow the dogs' adventures.

Kathy Salvucci
Multiple Best In Show Solo,
retired 5/10/14 at 7 years+ with a Veterans Best In Show.  Good boy Solo!
No Fad Colors!
Don't fall for the
fad color scam ~

protect yourself
and the breed!