Becky has her wings....
Hillside's Rebecca
HIC TDI CGC OFA gs-59595G31F-T, EL11558-T
1/15/1998 ~ 8/3/2009

Becky's  story began with the story of another
wonderful GSD;
Bee Jay's Sasha, who I lost at
8 1/2 years young to cancer of the spleen.  As
devastated as I was over Sasha's death, her
litter mate,
Bee Jay's Fritz took it harder,  
refusing food, searching for his sister, howling
pitifully for her during the long walks we took
that I hoped would stimulate his appetite. I
feared losing him too, and the search for a
puppy was on.
Becky came home at seven weeks, and as I
continued to mourn my beautiful Sasha, Fritz
fell in love with the exuberant puppy,
he doted on her!

Those who knew Becky through the years,
who admired her work ethic and many
accomplishments might not have realized just
how rocky a start Becky and I got off to.  My
mother, fearing I'd compare any new little girl
puppy to the sainted Shasa, commented "I
hope your new puppy is bad!"
Mom got her wish!

It would be kind to say Becky was a high
energy youngster, but truth be told, she had
more than a bit of the devil in her.  I
remember her first weekend home.  My sister
Terri had come to see  the new puppy. "New
puppy" was under the kitchen table, chewing
the fringe on the oriental look-alike rug.  I
gently pushed her nose away from the fringe.  
The puppy went back to chewing,  I reached
down to re-direct her attention again and she
promptly sunk her teeth into my hand.  It was
obvious we needed to do something to form a
bond, so off to training class we went.
That started a new phase in my life, although
there was no way to know it then. Puppy
classes were easy for Becky. One thing led to
another and although she was sparingly
campaigned, the titles came quickly.
(Becky had her UD at 28 months.)
By that point I was hooked on anything having
to do with doggy competition. Becky was an
amazing performance dog...a dog with an
incredible mind who loved to work! It was
easy to compete (and win!) with Becky and so
we hit the road most weekends attending
(more than our share of!) shows and trials.
Becky shown above,
bringing her usual enthusiasm
to whatever task is at hand.  
She was a pleasure to work,
and happiest when she has
a job to do
Photo by Pam Roose

Becky at 6 months
shown during her HIC.
But Becky was so much more than a dog who racked up performance titles.  
Becky was, quite simply, my constant companion.  Becky was never much of a
cuddler; she was far too "busy" for that.  You might get ten minutes of cuddle
time first thing in the morning , but if you didn't take advantage, you didn't get
twenty minutes the following morning.  Becky wanted something to do; she needed
to be busy. She'd rather you threw a much loved tennis ball than be fussed over.
Becky reproduced her desire to work and has several multi titled progeny.  She was
a wonderful mother to her own litter and to puppies who came later to Pine Hill.  
What a role model she was!  And as she aged she taught the bad habits too, and
you know...I didn't really bother to correct her.  Becky had a bark loud and deep
enough to ring the chimes of the doorbell.  Of course the doorbell would set the
other dogs off, Becky would howl and enjoy the chaos she created. Becky was quite
the chow hound and to her dying day never missed a meal. As she got older there
were days she was having a good time outside , when you called her to come in,
received no response and wondered if perhaps her hearing was going...but no, take
the lid off of the ceramic cookie dish and she'd hear that no matter where she was
on the property...even to the very end.

Becky spent her last afternoon with 12 week old Vinnie, digging holes and
looking  for critters in the woods she loved so much.
Oh but they were a sight when they came in!!!  

Becky passed quickly early in the morning of 8/3.  I was blessed to given the
chance to hold her as she left, blessed to be able to tell her, again, what a
good girl
she was and how
very much I loved her.  As I held her I could feel the remnants
of her afternoon digging with Vinnie in her thick coat and I know how blessed I
am that her life was so good until the very end.

I had made a promise to Sasha long ago. In those days I was far too busy with
work.  I always felt there'd be more time to enjoy the dogs.  There wasn't.
So, I'd promised Sasha that whatever dog came next, I'd make the time to really
enjoy her, to do something with the dog so that they'd reach their potential.

I'd make the time to throw a ball.  

Sitting on the sterile floor in the ER the morning of August 3rd,
holding Becky as she quietly passed,
I thought "promises kept ladies".

But.... who am I kidding?
I know who the real beneficiary was of the promises that were kept  ~  me.
Thank you Becky! For everything....
Below, at 9 years, enjoying "her" garden,
undeniably the reigning queen of Pine Hill!