Bee Jay's Fritz
Sabra's IRS x Bee Jay's
Vom Haus JJ
Fritz and Becky, Spring 1998
.....with litter mate Sasha
the early years...they are
together again
In the fall of 1989 I went to Betty Irwin's
Bee Jay's Kennels to pick two puppies I had
been promised.  When the  youngsters were let
out of the puppy pen, a dark bundle of fur
ignored the playful antics of his siblings and
came to sit quietly by my side,
where he remained for the next ten years.
In September 1999, Fritz died peacefully in my
arms, thankfully without pain or fear.
A part of my heart went with him that day,
which I suppose is only fair.....he had given me
all of his since he was  nine weeks old.
He is missed!
Fritz had a wonderful and lasting impact on both
Becky and Cody.  They were "his" babies, and he was determined to bring
them up right!  He grumbled when another adult came too close to them,
grumbled when the youngsters played too roughly, then grumbled again in
disgust when they called his bluff, jumping up to brace tiny paws on  his
massive chest and rain puppy kisses on his noble head.
Oh, he could sound so ferocious!
(He rarely fooled a soul!)

Today, watching the dogs who had the benefit of this fantastic dog's tutelage,
I am grateful for of the early lessons they learned at his side.
They too will pass on the legacy that Fritz shared with them...

Incorruptible German Shepherd Dog character.
Thank you Fritz!