remembering "JR"
Champion Pine Hill's It's Time To Fly
OVC # 016326
7/10/01 ~ 1/8/13
Multiple BOB,
Code Red
OFA h/e
Pretty lil'
Angel Iz
JR  at 12 weeks with his
"Aunt" Patti.  
WD/BOW under
Mrs. Edeltraund Laurin
@ 16 months

JR loved everything about being
a "show dog"; the travel, the
crowds and vendors...well,
perhaps he liked the crowds a
bit too much ~  When he heard
applause, he'd jump, wag his tail
and want to stop and thank
his fans!
Mrs. Laurin and I were amused...
Miguel, not so much.
JR shown above with handler Jennifer Mitchell
winning his first major @ 21 months
Wilmington Kennel Club 4/26/03
Judge, Henry Dancosse
JR celebrated his second birthday 7/10/03 and finished his
AKC Championship two days later at Shawnee KC, beautifully presented to Charlotte
McGowan by Christi Halliday!

Huge thanks to Terri and Klym Petryszyn for leasing the lovely Lexus (repeat
of 2x Sel. CH Luv Potion #9) to me for Cody.  Without Terri and Klym's confidence in Cody,
this litter wouldn't have happened.

Huge thanks to JR's handlers;
JR was shown selectively and sparingly and had wins with
(in alphabetical order),
Miguel Betancourt, Christi Halliday, Jennifer Mitchell,
Pam Roose and Trish Wylie.

Thank you, thank you judges and ringside fans for your kind words and enthusiastic
support for a young dog.  Campaigning JR to his Championship was a wonderful ride  
and I am so very grateful for all of our friends that shared the journey.

JR enjoying a long weekend at VA
beach, November '03.

Thanks to Donna Turner for the lovely

Those weekends bring back some
very fond memories; our 60's era
beach front hotel, the
early AM and late PM romps on the
beach with the dogs and the very
best of company for all-you-can-eat
during happy hour at Rock Fish!
JR at 8 years young (left)
welcoming the
Lebovic family who has
come to visit their 6 week
old JR x Kate puppy

Thank you to Mitch Lebovic for
the photos left and below

After taking exactly a year off to grow up a bit, JR returned to Berryville VA to
go BOB over a lovely special under judge Virginia Fornier.

His young daughter Mattie went WB and BOW for the major the same day.

Thank you ringside friends for your generous support of this father daughter team!
JR babies...his legacy.
I've heard a dog described as an "easy" dog but until I bred, lived with and loved JR,
I wasn't quite sure I'd experience it.
I've had dogs that were easy to train, easy to work, easy to finish,
easy to keep in condition, easy to breed, but never before JR have I had a dog
combine ALL of these qualities AND be so very so easy to live with.
Easy to love.

From the day I decided he was a keeper to the horrible day I said goodbye, he quite
simply did as he was asked.  I can't ever remember correcting him...for anything.
I thought it ~ he did it.  I dared to dream it ~ he accomplished it.
JR produced himself and  I was spoiled with cookie-cutter, healthy, sound litters.
Friends have called him "gentleman" and that he most certainly was.
As he grew older I prayed he'd never have a bad day.  My prayers were answered.
I am blessed to have his progeny and yet...the house is so very empty without him.