AKC Champion Merlin!

Pine Hill's I Too Can Fly,OFA GS-89423G38M-VPI
DM  n/n clear (click link to view test results)

CH Pine Hill's It's Time To Fly PT HT TC OVC  x  Alfaro's Next Top Model CHIC TC OFA
@ 19 months
Thank you to Donna
Turner for the photos
and to Mike Reed for
your patience!
Is it fair to have a white ball in the

Left, with Trish Wylie in his first
and only puppy class.  We put him
away until the other dogs his age
grew a bit <G>!
Top, almost ready @ 19 months

Below, "If I just sit in Mike's lap can we stop with the photos already?"
Wow, wow, wow!

What a short fun ride to Merlin's
AKC Championship!  
From the first time he stepped
into the ring with Mike for a
major (below) to a few fun filled
and now just turned three,
finished and waiting to grow up
a bit before going back
out as a Special.

Huge thank you to
"team Reed".