Once in a Lifetime Dogs

I'll often have children run up when I am out and about with the dogs, forgetting all they have
been told about how to approach a strange dog, enthusiastically throw little arms around one of
the dogs and I'll catch the expression of pure joy that crosses their face as they get their hands
in a wonderful coat and on a beautiful dog.

(What is it that is so special about the coat of a German Shepherd Dog?)

I WAS ONCE THAT CHILD, in fact, in many ways I still am, so I'll always make time for a child who
longs to pet a dog.   If you had told THIS child that one day she'd share her life with so many
glorious examples of GSDs, I am quite certain she would have never believed it could be true.

What follows are tributes to some of the "Once In A Lifetime" dogs I have loved.
Is it a contradiction that there is more than one dog listed?  Not to me.
Each one was so very special.  They are all terribly missed.

(click on a photo to read about a particular dog)
Bee Jay's Fritz
8/89 ~ 9/99
Bee Jay's Sasha
8/89 ~ 2/98
Hillside's Rebecca
1/15/1998 ~ 8/3/2009
Champion Breauhausen's Code Red
1/28/99 ~ 5/14/2010
"Justin" (Becky's son)
Pine Hill's 'N Sync TC PT HT
6-15-01 ~ 4-25-12
"JR" (Cody's son)
Champion Pine Hill's It's Time To Fly
TC PT HT OVC # 016326
7/10/01 ~ 1/8/13