Ares is growing up,
Reggie waits for Santa
(who I am told, is very fond of
German Shepherd Dogs!)
Greta loves the snow (above) Lilly
turns 2 (below).

Ares, Reggie, Lilly, Major and Greta are
JR x Kate kids
Photo Gallery, Page 16
Shelby first day home (left) with
BFF Tara, and a few weeks later,
working on ears, below.  new meaning to
"in the dog house!"
Major, (right), with "his"
great-nephew Logan.
Left, Laszlo,
top right baby Pax, lower right, Ruby.
(Rhett x Kate)
Ryder, soon to be 10  (right)
JR x Luvy son, bred by Falcon Hill's

Reggie (Dexter x Kate)
on the fly!